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Your photography is as unique as your way of learning – and we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to teaching. We get to know you one-to-one, working with you to get the very best from your camera in the world’s most stunning photographic locations.

Paul’s tailor-made, private photography expeditions are focused on giving you the most authentic travel experience as you journey together across some of the most incredible photographic destinations on the planet.

Using only the very best luxury hotels and transportation on offer, our all-inclusive approach means you spend the most possible time in each location followed by the highest levels of relaxation in-between shoots. We’ve revolutionised the way that photographic workshops are delivered – with nothing to worry about from the moment you first arrive, through to our final goodbyes – all you need to bring is your camera and a sense of adventure.

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explore the world, in a truly unique way

Having spent over 20 years travelling the world for high-end commercial clients, Paul’s passion for adventure combined with his skills as a photographer make him ideally placed to plan the perfect tailor-made trip for you and your camera.

Working directly with Paul, together you’ll create a complete itinerary for the destination of your choosing. Whether it’s for a solo trip, as a couple, or a group of friends, we’ll help find the perfect balance of locations, seasons and adventures to get you to the heart of the action, capturing the essence of each place you visit along the way.

you’re in control, we do all the work

Way before your private workshop begins, we’re pulling everything together with meticulous planning – and that includes backup locations, alternatives for weather, and extra shoots if they’re possible in each destination based on how you’re feeling at the time. Unlike with a group or fixed workshop itinerary, with us, you really are in control.

Travelling with only you, decisions that suit your needs can be made fast. No waiting for others, no ‘boring locations’, just an entire photography trip focused around the things that matter to you. You’ll return with new skills, unforgettable memories, and amazing photographs which will fill you with pride every time you get to say “I took that!”

learn from the best, designed for all levels

As an expert in his field, Paul’s landscape and travel photography is used by some of the top brands around the world – from National Geographic, to luxury hotel and travel groups, to some of the largest media companies in the industry. Paul’s roles as a Phase One Ambassador and SanDisk Storyteller ensure he’s experienced in teaching at all levels of ability with great success, whether you’re just starting out with a new camera system or already an accomplished professional.

an experience like no other

You can expect the best experience, the maximum possible dedicated time with Paul and an unforgettable journey along the way. You’ll be actively supported through the entire process of shooting on-location, from initial planning to post-production techniques, building on your existing knowledge while learning new skills at the same time. Paul selects only locations that he knows inside and out, along with local experts, to offer you the greatest possible opportunity to bring home photographs that show your new skills at their very best.

ask us about booking

We'd love to hear from you and understand your plans.

With bespoke workshop destinations and budgets to suit all levels of photographer, we're sure there's something special we can design around your individual needs.

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why book with us?

With each custom-made itinerary offering so much, we believe Paul's workshops really are the best in the industry. You'll work together with him before, during, and after your trip to ensure you get the very best out of your time on-location, getting the shots that you want to capture. Filling each day with friendly, practical and fun advice in a relaxed hands-on atmosphere, we're able to make sure you get the most out of every moment, regardless of your level of experience.

As experts in worldwide travel, and through offering all-inclusive packages, we can ensure that every minute of your time is productive, focused and safe; three things that are paramount when exploring the wilderness or new cities as a photographer.

all-inclusive pricing:

  • Expert tuition with local knowledge
  • Post-processing sessions & advice
  • Luxury hotel accommodation in the heart of the action
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner provided each day
  • All drinks (including wine & beer with dinner)
  • Air-conditioned transportation throughout
  • Business class/private charter internal flights where needed
  • Access to the very latest high-resolution equipment
  • Check out our FAQs for more information
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our partnership with Phase One:

The ultimate in image quality, from the ultimate camera system - through our special partnership with Phase One's Digital Artist Series, you have the unique opportunity to shoot using the most advanced medium format camera system in the world.

For a small additional charge, participants will receive their own Phase One XF camera, ultra-high resolution medium format digital back and a selection of the latest lenses to make use of throughout the workshop - capturing incredible details in photographs which deliver world-leading resolution and image quality.

Alongside Paul, those taking advantage of the Phase One upgrade will be guided by technical experts and direct support from Phase One - with hints, tips and step-by-step assistance to get the best out of this amazing camera system.

a selection of our favourite workshop locations

One of the most exciting parts of booking a private photo tour with Paul is choosing the destination itself. We can of course help with that decision, based on the style of photography you’re aiming to include. While some have a clear view of which locations they’d like to shoot from the very beginning, others prefer to browse through options and decide based on the images they might capture:

what our customers say

  • "Paul is so different from all the others - he's a natural born coach, a no BS rockstar photographer and a technical genius who can actually teach!"

  • "We went to fantastic locations and I got to shoot some amazing photography. Paul really helped me learn how to make a good picture truly great."

  • "I gained huge amounts of new knowledge in a way that was friendly, helpful, refreshing and fun. I really can't recommend Paul's workshops enough."

any questions?

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